Launched the financial advisory services

FEB Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its financial advisory services for investment funds and blockchain-related startups.



In recent years, the blockchain and crypto asset industry has seen an increase in equity investments in startups by venture capitalists and other investment funds, as well as investments in tokens issued by startups and purchases of Bitcoin as an asset allocation by general companies. In addition, the regulatory framework in many countries is creating an environment for companies and investment funds to invest in crypto assets, such as crypto asset mutual funds, custody services, and OTC trading, which is expected to further accelerate the flow of funds into the blockchain and crypto asset sectors.


What we do

For investment funds: origination and financial advisory services
For startups: financial support and advisory services for equity and token financing


Our resources

We have supported a number of promising blockchain startups through business development, marketing and operations, and have built up a strong and influential global network of investment funds, projects, media and consulting firms.
Our team members have extensive experience in business management consulting at global consulting firms, M&A and venture investment at major domestic and international financial institutions. We also provide small to mid-cap M&A services.

We will contribute to the further development of the blockchain and crypto asset industry by meeting the financing needs of investment funds and blockchain startups, and by streamlining and facilitating cross-border financing, including ones in Asian countries, being an area with high information barriers.

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