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Far East Blockchain

FEB Inc. is a boutique blockchain consulting firm, based in Tokyo since 2018.

We support global corporate customers with interests in the Far East region, including Japan, Greater China, Korea and Eastern Russia.
We provide consulting and operating services for the business, using blockchain technologies, all kinds of research, market observation, marketing and PR.

Our global teem is bright, passionate and powerful.
Our partners network includes the United States, Russia, CIS, Greater China, Korea and Eastern Russia.

Mission Statement

We believe, that the innovation of blockchain will change the world.

Our first mission is to facilitate the communication between the participants of global blockchain community and contribute to the promotion of the technology.

The second mission is to help accelerating the cutting edge blockchain projects, so they can expand the potential of the blockchain technology.


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  • Consulting

    We support business innovation, using blockchain technology. We provide the basic lectures and training courses, business model design and the management PoC, as well as an implementation and operation duties. We are able to provide affordable, high quality services by assigning the tech patners from Russian and Eastern Europe.

  • Business

    We assist the business development process for our clients in such regions as Japan, China, Korea and Russia, using our experience and the network, gained by working more than 5 years in blockchain industry.

  • Reseach
    & Observation

    We provide the blockchain related research support, including such tasks of the survey, as strategy, execution, analysis. We also organize the market observation in the blockchain industry and the related space.

  • Community

    We work to build active local communities in Far East countries through the online campaigns (such as social media management or media coverage) and the offline marketing (such as Meetups, that can be arranged in both Japan, China, Korea and Russia).

  • Marketing

    We plan and execute marketing campaigns, considering the recent trends and the situation on media in each contries, we work with.
    We have build an advanced network of influencers, which, together with social media marketing and digital marketing are the ones of our greatest strenghts.

  • Public

    We also plan and execute media campaigns in the region of Far East (Japan, China, Korea and Russia), as well as in Eastern South Asia (Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore). We support spreading the information, by using our unique media and journalist network.

Projects we contributed to

  • Zcash
  • Lisk
  • Nem
  • LABS
  • Flow
  • IOTA
  • Vechain
  • BEAM
  • NANO
  • ACV
  • stobox
  • Gather


FEB Inc. (Far East Blockchain)
Hiroyuki Sakama
3.5 million yen
Navi Shibuya V 3rd Floor, 5-5, Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


  • Sakama Hiroyuki

    Chief Executive Officer Hiroyuki Sakama

    Worked at Niikei (Nihon Keizai Advertising), and experienced managing Omni-channel campaign with Amazon Japan, organizing multiple events, planning numerous media strategies for the clients from various industries. From 2014, the Head of oarketion at the marketing consulting company, focused on the inbound marketing from Greater China (co-work with Japanese civil services, Railway company, manufacturers). Started to be involved in blockchain related projects from 2017. In 2018 established FEB Inc.
    Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese

  • Tamara Soykina

    Head of Communication Tamara Soykina

    Born in Russia, from 2012 living in Japan, while working for Japanese trading company (5 years), business development department of investing company (60 subsidiaries; 2 years of experience). Join FEB Inc. to lead the communications with foreign clients. Speaker, interpreter and moderator at multiple events and discussions in Japan. Crypto-influencer.
    Languages: Russian, English, Japanese

  • Polina Fedyanina

    Russian Region Director Polina Fedyanina

    Worked at Russian affiliated Certification Authority and high tech venture company. At FEB Inc, is in charge of communication and development of partnerships with partners and clients from Russia and CIS.
    Languages: Russian, Japanese, English

  • Yoshimura Ko

    China Region Director Ko Yoshimura

    Worked at major consulting firm, Chinese affiliated investing company and venture capital. At FEB Inc, contributes to the cooperative strategies and development of partnerships with Chinese partners and clients.
    Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English

  • Nakamori Hideaki

    Growth Hacker Hideaki Nakamori

    Experienced professional of digital media, leading numerous launches of business-oriented web media, its growth planning and operation, mainly in Nikkei Business. Feeling great potential in the blockchain technology, joined FEB Inc. in 2018.

  • John Kim

    Korean Region Director John Kim

    Born in Seoul, John is in charge of communication and development of partnerships with Korean companies. He was previously in charge of project management in one of the leading IT companies. He got his master degree at Kyoto University in Japan.
    Languages: Korean, English, Japanese