Became a partner with Project TXA

FEB Inc. became a partner with TXA at this time.








TXA Ecosystem project:

The TXA is a global decentralized project to build a new payment layer that will be used by all exchange platforms to support payments. As the first hybrid exchange to use the TXA decentralized payment layer, the Tacen Exchange Platform is planned to be built on DFINITY’s Internet Computer.

We will support this project by educating people about the TXA Ecosystem Project and activating the community.


What is the TXA?

TXA develop a hybrid-decentralized exchange (hDEX) that combines the functionality and speed of a centralized exchange-type order book with the security of non-custodial smart contracts and cross-chain settlement services on a vast array of blockchains: Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange (hDEX). With centralized order submission and matching, traders can buy and sell at an astonishing speed of over 200 times per second without the need to disclose KYC information, create accounts, or hand over coins. technology, which provides payments to multiple exchange platforms.

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