Spoke at the popular podcast “Blockchain Won’t Save the World”

Tamara spoke for the podcast, placed is in the top 10-20 for Blockchain category on most of the major platforms (Spotify, Google, Apple):

Show is dedicated to the development of blockchain and crypto in Japan. In her comments Tamara mentioned about the community structure (27:37~ ), project examples (Astar Network, JPYC / 42:08~ ), and Japanese IP/NFT features (1:01:32~ ).


The guests of the episode are:

Aya Walraven (Mercari)
Norbert Gehrke (Tokyo Fintech)
Ken Kawai (Anderson, Mori & Tomotsune Lawyers firm)
So Saito (So & Sato Lawyers firm)
Marisa Yoshikawa McKnight (Liquid Exchange)
Tamara Soykina (FEB)
Ryu Takaki (IBM Japan)
Mamoru Fujimoto (SBI R3)
Kazumasa Miyazawa (Soramitsu)
Kohei Kurihara (Privacy By Design Lab)
Toshi Matsuda (FDFA)
Mario Larangeira (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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