Held Clubhouse event “Which publicchains are used by enterprises?”

On May 6th, we held a Clubhouse event, “Which Public Chains are Used by Enterprises? The event was hosted by CRYPTOTIMES, a blockchain-related media company, and we were in charge of planning and production.


The event was moderated by CRYPTO TIMES editor-in-chief Mr. Arai, with guests including Ethereum expert Mr. Shogo Ochiai, executive officer of Cryptoeconomics Lab, Polkadot expert Mr. Sota Watanabe, CEO of Plasm network, and NEM, Mr. Sota Watanabe, CEO of Plasm network, Mr. Daoka, Technical Director of Openingline, as an expert on NEM, Symbol, and Mr. Yugo, Lead of Flow Development Community, as an expert on Flow Blockchain were invited. They discussed the features, use cases, and concepts of each blockchain.

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