Panel discussion “Can De-Fi users reach 100 million by 2025?” will be published at 13th Oct

Panel discussion “Can DeFi users reach 100 million by 2025?” will go live on October 13, 2021.
A panel discussion event, with the goal to find out, if “100 million DeFi users can be reached by 2025?” is organized by GoodFi, a non-profit organization, bundling the resources of key DeFi players to spearhead change, to educate and onboard more users to DeFi.
The event has been planned and produced by FEB Inc. to be released on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 13:00 CST.


In this event, five amazing speakers, who are active in the forefront of the industry, will talk about DeFi mass adoption as a new financial frontier based on crypto assets and blockchain technology, the current state of DeFi original mission of financial inclusion, as well as about the ways to improve UX and manage customer assets safely and securely.
It will be also discussed, how to take the first step towards DeFi for the newcomers.
The event will be translated into Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and will supported by major media outlets in each country to be broadcasted simultaneously in China, Japan, and Korea on October 13th.
Whether you are a newcomer to DeFi or an experienced DeFi user, you are sure to enjoy this enriching panel discussion.


[Event Summary]

Planned and produced: FEB Inc.
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Time: 13:00-14:15 CST
Venue: Online
China https://www.huoxing24.com/live
Japan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4VPI-g1ic_C76lMbvvK8Gg/featured
Korea https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QcOnLK-Ziu2DLhakgQhJw


[Speakers and each project overview]

♦Moderator: Jocelyn Chang (MakerDAO – APAC Group Leader)
MakerDAO is a decentralized, self-sustaining organization (DAO) that issues the stablecoin Dai, which is linked 1:1 to the US dollar price.

♦Amanda (Sushi – BD & Marketing Lead)
SushiSwap is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on Ethereum that utilizes AMM (Automated Market Maker) and is a unique DeFi project, that started as a fork of Uniswap, but continued to evolve on its own.

♦Piers Ridyard (Radix – CEO)
Radix is a layer 1 protocol dedicated to help DeFi use cases. It offers developers-friendly services, including the new consensus algorithm Cerberus and the Radix Engine, a proprietary smart contract execution environment.

♦Mark B. Richardson (Bancor – Head of Research)
Bancor is a DEX (decentralized exchange) on Ethereum EOS that uses AMM instead of order books. Liquidity providers (LPs) who contribute to the expansion of the liquidity pool are to be rewarded with a portion of their trading fees.

♦SJ Park (Terraform Labs)
Terra is a DeFi project that issues unsecured (seigniorage type) stablecoin LUNA against the world’s major legal tender, with an algorithm to ensure stable prices.

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