Research report : Global Crypto Trend Survey – NFT –

25th, June, Tokyo – FEB inc. conducted a survey on trends in the crypto space, including NFT, among crypto professionals such as crypto exchanges, consulting firms, media, SNS influencers and researchers in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.


NFTs Most Popular in China, Sluggish in Russia

Through a question that asked about the popularity of 16 NFT products and 7 NFT blockchains, we found differences in the activity of the trends in each country. In China, both NFT products and NFT blockchains are popular, and the trend is the most active. Japan and South Korea are the next most popular countries, followed by Russia, where there are few active trends in either NFT products or NFT blockchain.


NFT is the second most active trend after DeFi

When asked which of the four areas (NFT, DeFi, Stablecoin, and ICO) is the most active, 47.8% say DeFi, which was the most common response. This is followed by NFT with 34.8% of respondents and ICO with 17.4% of respondents. None of the respondents answered Stablecoin or Security Token.


Regional differences in popularity of blockchain and products

When asked about the most popular NFT blockchains, Ethereum dominated with 84.2%, followed by Ethereum in China, Chiliz in Korea, Enjin and Flow in Japan, and Theta and Flow in Russia. 

In the question asking about the most popular NFT products, NBA Topshot is the most popular answer, with 38.4% of the total. This is followed by CryptoKitties at 21.7% of the total.

As for the regional characteristics of the most popular NFT products, NBA Topshot is the most popular in China, followed by CryptoKitties, Topps MLB, Axie Infinity, and MyCryptoHeros.

In Japan, NBA Topshot and MyCryptoHeros are tied for the most popular, followed by CryptoKitties, Sorare, and F1 Delta Time. In Korea, CryptoKitties is the most popular, followed by NBA Topshot and MyCryptoHeros. In Russia, responses are mixed, but CryptoKitties is the most popular, followed by CryptoPunks.

In terms of NFT marketplaces used, Opensea is by far the most popular, accounting for 61.8% of all responses.


NFT is a bubble, DeFi is not

In response to the question of whether NFT or DeFi is a bubble, more than 66% of all respondents answered that “NFT is a bubble,” which is more than double the number of respondents who answered that “DeFi is a bubble”. However, the number of respondents who answered that “NFT is a bubble” in China is about half that of the total, which suggests that the current excitement about NFT in China may be considered to be in line with its intrinsic value.

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