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Far East Blockchain

FEB Inc. is a boutique blockchain consulting firm based in Tokyo since 2018.

We provide consulting servicse to global corporate customers with interests in the Far East region including Japan, greater China, Korea, and eastern Russia.

Our global teem is bright, passionate, and powerful.

Our partner network includes the United States, Russia, CIS nations, Greater China, South Korea, and Singapore.

Mission Statement

We believe that the innovation of blockchain will change the world.

Our first mission is to properly communicate information about cutting-edge blockchain projects around the world to the Far East region, and thereby build a vibrant Far East blockchain community.

The second mission is to guide blockchain projects born in the Far East to success by making use of resources around the world.

We actively fight scams, and we work to support and cultivate passionate and sincere projects that expand the possibilities of the world of blockchain.


News May 10,2018 CCN
The homepage has been redesigned.
Press May 10,2018 CCN
We started distributing the news site "Crypto Network ASIA"


  • Consulting

    We work to build robust local communities in Far East countries. We facilitate ongoing communication through social media and expand opportunities to communicate the core team's passion directly through face-to-face meetings with stakeholders.

  • Alliance Building

    We facilitate advisory relationships, corporate partnerships, and strategic alliance formation for our customers. In building our community, involvement with local influencers and companies offers users a sense of familiarity and builds trust. From initial approach to final agreement, we are your project's local point of contact.

  • Cybersecurity

    We evaluate the effectiveness of technical and human security measures through penetration tests on the system, providing assessment of security measures, diagnosis of issues, and operation consulting.

  • Community

    We build the local community in each of far east countrys. We support that on goiing communication used social media and making the oppotunity to communicate core teem's passion directly by holding of meet-up.

  • Marketing

    We provide marketing support primarily with digital media, offering insight with regard to best practices for the best way to make use of each medium and method. Through proper KPI setting and precise PDCA management, we lead your project on the path to achieving its goals.

  • Public Relations

    Through our unique media network, we aim to efficiently generate buzz through public relations services such as our tried and true expert method of release writting for maximum media exposure and building trust from users.

  • Wallet

    We develop wallets tailored to each currency and token. We develop desktop wallets, mobile wallet apps (iOS, Android), and web wallets.

  • Smart Contracts
    Proof of Concept)

    We support token generation and proof of concept demonstration using blockchain smart contract functions, innovative mechanisms in the token economy that reduce the risk of data loss.

  • Design

    Our elite team includes individuals who have won prestigious awards around the world. We create everything! Web sites, banner ads, promotional videos, and comprehensive image design consultation -- quality materials, on time.


  • SKYFchain
  • BitRewards
  • Dbrain
  • ntok




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Priority Token


FEB Inc. (Far East Blockchain)
Hiroyuki Sakama
〒150-0002 ECLAT SHUBUYA 5F 3-6-2 Shibuya-ku Shibuya Tokyo


  • Sakama Hiroyuki

    Chief Executive Officer / Founder Sakama Hiroyuki

    Graduated from Media Communication of Rikkyo University, entered Nihon Keizai Advertising company. From 2014, the head of inbound marketing consulting, targeted to China and Taiwan (co-work with Japanese civil services, Railway company, manufacturers).
    Started blockchain related projects in 2017. In 2018 established FEB Inc, company providing local operation support for foreign blockchain projects in Japan, Korea and China, developing smart-contracts, managing blockchain and crypto currency media etc.

  • Tamara Soykina

    Head of Communication/Japanese Crypto Influencer/Media writer Tamara Soykina

    Born in Russia, from 2012 living in Japan, while working for Japanese trading company (5 years), business development department of investing corporation (60 subsidiaries; 2 years of experience). Join FEB Inc. to lead the communication with foreign clients.
    From the beginning of 2017 start networking and investing in crypto. Speaker, translator and moderator of multiple events and discussions in Japan. Languages: Russian, English, Japanese.

  • Nakamori Hideaki

    Hideaki Nakamori

    Experienced professional of digital media, leading multiple launches of business-based web medias, its growth planning and operation, mainly in Nikkei Business. Feeling great potential in the innovation of blockchain technology, joined FEB Inc. in 2018. We are working on building an economy to connect crypt communities of Asia and other world.


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